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Monster Train adds an extra strategic element to roguelike deck-builders with three vertical playfields that must be defended at a time. Enemies will move up each turn if not defeated, and when they reach the top floor, they will damage your Pyre. Choose wisely on which floor to place your forces. The strategic depth provided by this almost tower defence like mechanic will bring new ways to achieve success.


A new clan has arrived to aid the forces of Hell. Fight with the Wurmkin clan and use a whole new mechanic based on room empowerment. The clans of hell will need the support of the Wurmkin clan, as a new ominous deity interferes with the ongoing battle between the forces of heaven and hell. The Last Divinity is so huge it imposes itself over all 3 floors!

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This Blockchain-based NFT game is for true NFT Metaverse fans. Players will be able to collect different cards, card back, decks, and other in-game NFTs. The game uses the $Monster token as its in-game currency